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KOHALIN is a Brand & Design Studio

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Our Philosophy, In our opinion, the most awesome form of thinking of imagination.

Our mission is to portray and present your quality in the best possible organizational goods, services and behaviors. In this regard we use all our expertise in analytical, design based and visual science because, in our view, the most excellent idea of thinking is imagination.


KOHALIN Catalogue

About KOHALIN Services

Our Purpose is Presentation of Your Quality and Reshare to Your Audience

Kohalin Studio offers a wide range of services including product designing (from basic industrial designing until taking customers feedbacks) , engineering template designing, producing various industrial and promotional documentaries, teaser making, industrial and decorative photography, 3D product modeling, Compilation of advertising statutes, all kinds of advertising, industrial and press graphics, economic analysis and marketing and branding data, making 2D and 3D animation types in its collection of services . These services will be presented by expert teams, with the goal to provide quality services and the mutual benefits in long-term .cooperation.

  • Client analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Value proposition
  • Communication strategy
  • Action plan
  • Web Design
  • Aplication
  • UX & UI Design
  • Social Media
Photography :
  • Industrial
  • Product
  • Advertising
Visual identity:
  • Visual identity
  • Logo
  • Improved brand
  • Guideline
Content Creation :
  • Illustration & Photography
  • Text and translation
  • Teaser and animation
  • Educational film
Printing :
  • packing
  • official paper
  • Catalog and brochure
Design :
  • Product Design
  • Product engineering
  • Research and Development
  • Modeling and simulation
Environmental advertising :
  • Exhibition
  • billboard ....
About KOHALIN Prosses Modeling Project

Product design of ergonomic analysis and design to primary modeling and manufacturing mold

Product Design services of KOHALIN Studio, including designing new products based on your needs or open product design for presentation to the market.


Identify product functions, user and competing products in the domestic and global markets

02Design and Prototype

Provide three-dimensional design and replica as one by one

03Engineering Design

Designing the components of the project by considering engineering factors and preparation of the project for product making

About KOHALIN Articles

Design, branding and arts advertising strategy
Based on the knowledge of the world

KOHALIN studio is a promotional agency with the design and strategy of advertising and marketing.