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About KOHALIN Team

Members of the KOHALIN team

We are always next to you with specialty and thought

KOHALIN team consists of experienced designers and specialists to create strong brands or improve brands along your.


Hamid Ghavampoori

Managing Director

Hamid GhavamPoori is a thoughtful, creative and analytical youth. He received his Masters of Animation from Tehran University of Art and Photography from Azad University Art and Architecture Faculty. He has worked for more than 5 years in Kachiran Consulting and Analyst Design and Development, as well as extensive product design, photography, graphics, product simulation and template design in Kohalin Studio. Empowered. Hamid GhavamPoor started his career in advertising photography, news and theater and after working in Total (t.u.s.t) and working with publications for 7 years as graphic designer, brand manager and customer relationship manager at Kachiran Company. After establishing Kohalin Studio in 2016, he became its acting director. Hamid is the co-founder of Kohalin Studio.


Hamed Hashemi far

Design Director

Mohammad Hamed Hashemifar is pursuing a great deal of art and new technology with great interest and enthusiasm. He is also a professional computer game analyst and gamer. Hamed graduated with a master's degree in industrial design from Tehran University of Arts and Architecture. Her individual and group activities in the field of mold design, architectural design, office interior design, product design, product simulation and teaching in the field of simulation software have provided him with useful experiences. Hamed's involvement in interior design projects and lighting analysis of the Central Bank's Jewelery Museum, as well as working with the Italian brand iGuizzini, are valuable activities. Hamed Hashemifar has been working as a designer at Tarsim-Saze Co. for 2 years and at Horsar-Tarh Co. for 3 years. He then served as head of product design and strategy at Kachiran for two and a half years. He is managing designer since 2019 when Kohalin Studio founded . Hamed is the co-founder of Kohalin Studios.



Hanane Arjomandi

Brand & Advertising Director

Hanane Arjomandi pursues the status and growth of our customers, with great energy and precision. She is always looking for creative solutions and new ideas to promote the brand and popularity of brands. Hananeh received her BA in graphic arts from Tehran Art University. Her work in Iranian traditional arts (illumination) and the illustration and teaching experience of these disciplines have enabled her to create different and exquisite works. She has also gained experience in graphic design, book illustration, movie and theater poster design, UI and UX website design, logo and corporate identity design, brand strategy, advertising design and digital marketing . After teaching at the University of Tehran Jihad and collaborating with the publications, Hanane Arjomandi worked as a graphic designer for 4 years in Naghshe-Mabna and then worked as a graphic designer and marketing and advertising director for Kachiran for 8 years. After establishing Kohalin Studio in 2016, she took over brand management and advertising. Hanane is the co-founder of Kohalin Studio.

Pierre Morel

Corporate Consultant

Pierre Morel was born in France. He is a gifted, art lover and resourceful person. Pierre's special interest in the visual and decorative arts, as well as the country of Iran, led him to become familiar with the Kohalin team and join them early on. He passionately pursues and analyzes art, news and events. Long-term cooperation with the Association for communication between the cities (Twin town) and International Relations, especially in the field of culture, has enabled him to best accompany the kohalin team. He is living in the north of France where he is teaching. He loves literature and nature..